The Different Types of Lingerie Fashion

In the past, wearing lingerie outside the boudoir was forbidden. Nowadays, the lingerie fashion includes the visible thong trend as well as the bras that show a woman’s most intimate parts. Celebrities have embraced the power of the sex-positive lingerie which includes the French maid outfit, one of the most popular attire for role-playing.

The modern day types of lingerie

Among the latest lingerie fashion are the custom harnesses, brassieres, bodysuits and many of them are created from and with metal, latex, and crystals. These intimates have become the new works of art in the intimate attire world. Women wearing these sex-positive lingerie feel comfortable and have expressed that their feelings are indescribable as they relate it to the confidence that these lingerie can give them. These creations have helped them find beauty with their unconventional style.

The basic types of lingerie attire

Lingerie can be an undergarment but it is also an indulgence as delicate fabrics of lace, rayon, chiffon have made these intimates become sensual. Here are the basic types of lingerie that can help you find the best one for you:

  • Bikini – a pair of matching bra or cami and lacey low-rise panties.
  • Bodysuit – This is the bikini pair in one. It is a sexier intimate dress because it gives a feeling of a special occasion.
  • Bra/bralette – They can be push-up, demi, triangle or balconette. A bralette is a bra without any structural elements such as underwire.
  • Bustier – This type of lingerie emphasizes a flatter waist and highlights the cleavage. It is a longer bra top that extends until the navel.
  • Chemise – The chemise is a short slip intimate dress that can be paired with a matching thong or bikini.
  • Corset – In the past, corsets were used more as a shape wear to smoothen the torso’s appearance. Nowadays, they offer a flattering look that enhances the figure of the wearer even when worn alone.
  • Romper – Imagine a cami and a tap short combined together and you have a romper.
  • Thong – A super skimpy (only one strip of fabric at the back) underwear that works like a pair of panties.

Those were the basic types of lingerie but sometimes couples could add a variation such as the French maid outfit or French maid costume to wear for role-playing as a prelude for a sensuous evening together.

Get ready to impress while you undress by searching online the perfect lingerie fashion that you can buy from online shopping sites. Don’t forget to check online product review websites to get more information about them.

Traditional and Contemporary Men’s Kurtas by Indian Fashion Designers

Traditional Indian dresses for men have changed over time and have included many different styles of clothes, but one style that has consistently been worn is a Kurta.

What is a Kurta?

A Kurta in its simplest form is a long tunic that is normally knee length. It is a loosely fitted garment with long sleeves and often a buttoned front placket.

Materials vary depending on the final usage of the Kurta, but normally include Cotton for daily or casual use and Silk for occasion driven dressing. For a very elaborate looking Kurta, richer fabrics like Brocades are also used.

A lot of traditional Indian Kurtas feature embroidered detailing on the front placket, shoulders and sleeves. The kind of embroidery depends on the region from which the Kurta originates. Very exquisite Lucknow Chikan work is an example of extravagant detailing.

Traditionally, the Kurta is worn over loose pants called Payjamas. Pants that are fitted along the calves and have multiple pleats on the calf are called Churidars; Churi means bangles and the effect that the pleats have is that of many bangles stacked up. Churidars are common for weddings or more formal occasions. The payjama is staple and can be worn for casual or formal events.

In modern times, if you needed to “dress-up” in a Kurta, you’d also carry a dupatta or a stole, that is normally draped around the neck. The use of a dupatta is purely optional, but it can add an entirely different dimension to the look of the Kurta. Dupattas are normally brightly coloured and might also feature beautiful embroidery.

Designer Indian Kurtas

Kurtas are staple garments in traditional Indian dressing. Indian designers create styles to suit all types of requirements and tastes, from simply embroidered styles to very detailed and heavily embroidered styles. The use of very fine fabrics and subtle detailing are usually the unique points about designer Indian Kurtas.

Re-interpretation of traditional styles in a way that is modern and stylish is a trademark amongst Indian designers like Abraham and Thakore. Designers like Siddartha Tytler and Abu Jani – Sandeep Khosla create traditional styles.

Contemporary styled Kurtas can take various forms including the use of buttoned cuffs, metal detailing like on a pair of jeans and detailing around the front pocket. Abraham & Thakore have experimented with almost all these detailing elements in their Men’s Kurtas.

Traditionally styled Kurtas usually have a straight cut and use simple fabrics that are embroidered or rich fabrics that are lightly embroidered. Rarely is a combination of very rich fabrics with rich embroidery used.

Watch out for the colour combinations and the use of clever patterns and styles by Indian designers. These make the Kurta stand out.

Celebrity Dress Tips – From Sex and the City

If you are mad about celebrity dresses, then you won’t miss “Sex and the City”. 4 Manhattan gals display their various life styles as well as their dress styles in this modern city. What ideas can we take from celebrity dresses?

Each woman of “Sex and the City” boasts their own style. You might be one of them as well.

Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) is definitely a gal in vogue. She is keen on fashion and good at dressing. From uptown chic to sex kitty, from cocktail party to book fair, she always has an idea on how to dress up. Stilettos are a must. Mix and match of designer with flea market provide Carrie a gorgeous look.

Color: White, black, ivory, red, blue.

Samantha (Kim Cattrall) wears such kind of styles that exude cosmopolitan, luxury and confidence. She is a big woman, kind of feminist. With sharp styles and bold colour, she comes through Manhattan streets and each guy she meets will be enchanted. She likes drinking Cosmopolitan, and she belongs to cosmopolitan.

Color: Lemon yellow, black, white, champagne, metallic.

Charlotte (Kristin Davis) always wears a sweet, girlish style which is always complemented by cute bags and shoes.

Color: pink, peach, sapphire, violet, red.

Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) dresses very career gal in office and simple in leisure time. Sometimes she even dresses like a saucy Tomboy.

Color: Black, burgundy, hunter green, white.

“Sex and the City” is just like a fashion show which includes several key points:

Stilettos: A pair of perfect stilettos will lead you to a perfect way.

Great coats: A well-designed coat is never out of date.

Must-have designer bags: You may wear a cheap top or skirt, but you can’t resist the magical trick from the designer bags.

Flower pins: Nobody could say no to this beautiful and graceful creation by God.

Designer wedding chic: A luxurious and elegant designer wedding dress is every bride’s dreamy gown.

You may add some of the pretty feminine looks to your wardrobe with following tips:

Mix up and down

If you wanna a unique look, it’s a good idea to mix what you bought from flea market with designer fashions. For instance, you wear a Chanel top and pair it with a vintage skirt and belt.

It’s all in the stilettos

Pick a pair of high-heels, sandals and pumps to please yourself. Skimp the comfort and pay more attention to the long legs. If you have the perfect legs for those fantastic shoes, just wear it bare-legged. Don’t forget the pedicure.

Dress in chic or slightly ahead

Sometimes, we follow the trend; sometimes, we create the trend. Which do you prefer?

Characters favorite designer labels:





•Dolce & Gabbana


•Jimmy Choo

•Manolo Blahnik


•Richard Tyler

•Roberto Cavalli