80’s Clothing and Neon Clothing Making a Comeback!

Do you feel like you have stepped into time machine lately with all of the 80s clothing trends making a comeback in recent years? Well don’t be fooled. 80s clothing trends are back stronger than ever and are likely here to stay for a least a number of years.

You don’t have to go far to see examples of 80s clothes being worn today. Leggings, leg warmers, fanny packs, neon ski suits, skinny jeans, colored denim, and neon clothes are just a few examples of 80s clothes making their way in to current fashion. 80s clothing items that previously could only be found on eBay and used clothing stores can now be purchased new at various clothing retailers.

It is difficult to explain what caused this resurgence in 80s clothing trends. Some people speculate that music festivals like Coachella have helped to spur this trend because thousands of people in attendance wear retro styles like neon shirts, headbands, leggings and fanny packs. Electronic music, including the likes of Tiesto and Avicii, has become some of the most popular music among the younger generation, and the popularity of this music has resulted in the increased popularity of neon clothing that is so closely associated with this music.

Neon clothing, especially, has seen a revival. A quick walk around the local mall and you will see hundreds of neon items that did not exist a few years ago. For example, neon running shoes, neon shirts, and neon leggings are just a few examples of the neon items that have become extremely popular today. We are seeing that today more than ever, people like to stand out when they dress, and nothing captures the attention of others more than neon clothing.

It is hard to tell how long the resurgence in 80s clothing will last. The trend first started making its way back into modern fashion about 2-3 years ago, but it wasn’t until 2011 and 2012 that it really pushed its way into mainstream fashion. Some fashion experts have commented that when trends come back for a second time, they tend to last at least as long as the original trend itself. If this is the case, we may be seeing 80s clothing and neon clothing for many years to come. From the looks of things, the trends is still on the rise and it is likely to become more popular before we see the trend fade like it once did in the early 90s.