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There is one fairly common circumstance in which both convergence problems and the Hauck-Donner phenomenon (and trouble with \sfn{step}) can occur. This is when the fitted probabilities are extremely close to zero or one. Consider a medical diagnosis problem with thousands of cases and around fifty binary explanatory variables (which may arise from coding fewer categorical factors); one of these indicators is rarely true but always indicates that the disease is present. Then the fitted probabilities of cases with that indicator should be one, which can only be achieved by taking \hat\beta_i = \infty. The result from \sfn{glm} will be warnings and an estimated coefficient of around +/- 10 [and an insignificant t value].
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Pour enregistrer un tirage, il vous suffit de cliquer à la fin de vos tirages sur la disquette à droite du bouton "Remettre à zéro". Vous aurez ensuite à cliquer sur le bouton "Copier". Vos tirages seront enregistrés dans votre presse-papiers, il vous suffira de le coller dans le document où vous souhaitez l'enregistrer (un document word par exemple).

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Depuis 2014, en France, il n'est plus obligatoire de passer par un huissier de justice pour déposer le règlement et le résultat d'un jeu concours/loto/tombola/loterie. Afin d'éviter les litiges il est conseillé de rédiger un règlement, et pour prouver le tirage au sort, le plus facile est de le filmer/caster en direct (facile sur Youtube, Instagram, Twitter ou Facebook).
There is a little-known phenomenon for binomial GLMs that was pointed out by Hauck & Donner (1977: JASA 72:851-3). The standard errors and t values derive from the Wald approximation to the log-likelihood, obtained by expanding the log-likelihood in a second-order Taylor expansion at the maximum likelihood estimates. If there are some \hat\beta_i which are large, the curvature of the log-likelihood at \hat{\vec{\beta}} can be much less than near \beta_i = 0, and so the Wald approximation underestimates the change in log-likelihood on setting \beta_i = 0. This happens in such a way that as |\hat\beta_i| \to \infty, the t statistic tends to zero. Thus highly significant coefficients according to the likelihood ratio test may have non-significant t ratios. 

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