There is one fairly common circumstance in which both convergence problems and the Hauck-Donner phenomenon (and trouble with \sfn{step}) can occur. This is when the fitted probabilities are extremely close to zero or one. Consider a medical diagnosis problem with thousands of cases and around fifty binary explanatory variables (which may arise from coding fewer categorical factors); one of these indicators is rarely true but always indicates that the disease is present. Then the fitted probabilities of cases with that indicator should be one, which can only be achieved by taking \hat\beta_i = \infty. The result from \sfn{glm} will be warnings and an estimated coefficient of around +/- 10 [and an insignificant t value].
Classé dans le groupe H, en compagnie de Chelsea, Valencia et l'Ajax, le Lille Olympique Sporting Club (LOSC) pourrait créer la surprise dans cette poule. C'est ce qu'espère le défenseur José Fonte qui estime que le club lillois est capable de "rivaliser avec Chelsea, l'Ajax et Valence". De son côté, Gérard Lopez, le président du LOSC a déclaré : "Je suis très content du tirage, ces matchs seront de vrais tests. L'objectif, c'est de rester focalisés sur nous et d'être capables de développer notre jeu en s'appuyant sur nos forces".
Cette saison, les représentants du championnat de Ligue 1 sont Lille, Lyon et le PSG. Lyon qualifié d'office grâce à la victoire de Chelsea en finale de Ligue Europa, déjà qualifié via son championnat respectif qui libère une place qualifcative dans le 5ème championnat Européen soit la France. La Ligue 1 alignera donc trois clubs qualifiés pour le tirage de la Champions League 2019.

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There is a description in V&R2, pp. 237-8., given below. I guess I was teasing people to look up Hauck-Donner phenomenon in our index. (I seem to remember this was new to my co-author too, so you were in good company. This is why it is such a good example of a fact which would be useful to know but hardly anyone does. Don't ask me how I knew: I only know that I first saw this in about 1980.)
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knnTree Construct or predict with k-nearest-neighbor classifiers, using cross-validation to select k, choose variables (by forward or backwards selection), and choose scaling (from among no scaling, scaling each column by its SD, or scaling each column by its MAD). The finished classifier will consist of a classification tree with one such k-nn classifier in each leaf.

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