There is one fairly common circumstance in which both convergence problems and the Hauck-Donner phenomenon (and trouble with \sfn{step}) can occur. This is when the fitted probabilities are extremely close to zero or one. Consider a medical diagnosis problem with thousands of cases and around fifty binary explanatory variables (which may arise from coding fewer categorical factors); one of these indicators is rarely true but always indicates that the disease is present. Then the fitted probabilities of cases with that indicator should be one, which can only be achieved by taking \hat\beta_i = \infty. The result from \sfn{glm} will be warnings and an estimated coefficient of around +/- 10 [and an insignificant t value].

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The first approach, being a kind of compendium model presently exercised by all UNESCO world reports with the exceptions of the World Education Report and the World Culture Report, is a major activity of the Organization and should be maintained through a reporting mechanism at longer intervals (e.g. every four to six years), whereas the second approach demands an appropriate timing as well as addressee, such as the General Conference of UNESCO, at two-year-intervals.

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La première formule, qui consiste à établir une sorte d'inventaire et que l'on retrouve actuellement dans tous les rapports mondiaux de l'UNESCO à l'exception du Rapport mondial sur l'éducation et du Rapport mondial sur la culture, occupe une place très importante dans les activités de l'Organisation et devrait être conservée à travers des rapports publiés à intervalles plus espacés (tous les quatre à six ans par exemple), tandis que la seconde suppose une périodicité fixe, biennale par exemple, et un destinataire bien précis comme la Conférence générale.

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> From <> Wed Jan 7 12:51 GMT 1998 > To: (Prof Brian Ripley) > Cc: > Subject: Re: Summary of Robust Regression Algorithms > From: (Kent E. Holsinger) > > >>>>> "Brian" == Prof Brian Ripley writes: > > Brian> My best example of this not knowing the literature is the > Brian> Hauck-Donner (1977) phenomenon: a small t-value in a > Brian> logistic regression indicates either an insignificant OR a > Brian> very significant effect, but step.glm assumes the first, > Brian> and I bet few users of glm() stop to think. > > All right I confess. This is a new one for me. Could some one explain > the Hauck-Donner effect to me? I understand that the t-values from > glm() are a Wald approximation and may not be terribly reliable, but I > don't understand how a small t-value could indicate "either an > insignificant OR a very significant effect." > > Thanks for the help. It's finding gems like these that make this group > so extraordinarily valuable.

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knnTree Construct or predict with k-nearest-neighbor classifiers, using cross-validation to select k, choose variables (by forward or backwards selection), and choose scaling (from among no scaling, scaling each column by its SD, or scaling each column by its MAD). The finished classifier will consist of a classification tree with one such k-nn classifier in each leaf.

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