Il s'agit de prédire la valeur d'une variables qualitative, i.e., de mettre les individus dans des classes. (Par exemple : aide au diagnostic médical, reconnaissance des mauvais payeurs par une banque, etc.) On cherche des "fonctions linéaires discirminantes (des combinaisons linéaires dea variables, qui maximisent la variance interclasse et minimisent la variance intraclasse)

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knnTree Construct or predict with k-nearest-neighbor classifiers, using cross-validation to select k, choose variables (by forward or backwards selection), and choose scaling (from among no scaling, scaling each column by its SD, or scaling each column by its MAD). The finished classifier will consist of a classification tree with one such k-nn classifier in each leaf.

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The first approach, being a kind of compendium model presently exercised by all UNESCO world reports with the exceptions of the World Education Report and the World Culture Report, is a major activity of the Organization and should be maintained through a reporting mechanism at longer intervals (e.g. every four to six years), whereas the second approach demands an appropriate timing as well as addressee, such as the General Conference of UNESCO, at two-year-intervals.

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Depuis 2014, en France, il n'est plus obligatoire de passer par un huissier de justice pour déposer le règlement et le résultat d'un jeu concours/loto/tombola/loterie. Afin d'éviter les litiges il est conseillé de rédiger un règlement, et pour prouver le tirage au sort, le plus facile est de le filmer/caster en direct (facile sur Youtube, Instagram, Twitter ou Facebook).

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