Le Zenith St Petersbourg Russie : (6ème championnat), le PSG (5ème championnat), La Juventus (4ème championnat), le Bayern (3ème championnat), le Barça champion d'Espagne et Manchester City champion d'Angleterre viennent compléter ce chapeau 1. Le Chapeau 2 reprend le système traditionnel de classement des clubs par point UEFA avec le Real Madrid pourtant bien mieux classé que le Zenith St Petersbourg. Benfica occupera selon toute vraisemblance le Chapeau 2. Ci-dessous le détail complet des chapeaux du tirage de la Champions League.

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There is a little-known phenomenon for binomial GLMs that was pointed out by Hauck & Donner (1977: JASA 72:851-3). The standard errors and t values derive from the Wald approximation to the log-likelihood, obtained by expanding the log-likelihood in a second-order Taylor expansion at the maximum likelihood estimates. If there are some \hat\beta_i which are large, the curvature of the log-likelihood at \hat{\vec{\beta}} can be much less than near \beta_i = 0, and so the Wald approximation underestimates the change in log-likelihood on setting \beta_i = 0. This happens in such a way that as |\hat\beta_i| \to \infty, the t statistic tends to zero. Thus highly significant coefficients according to the likelihood ratio test may have non-significant t ratios.

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